Finishing a recently turned out mold

We are pleased to offer a range of dry-cast sandstone products, which are handmade in-house by our staff.

Dry-casting is a hands-on process, which gives an attractive rustic finish to the products than the more commonly used wet casting technique.

The term dry-cast refers to the technique of mixing aggregates with a very minimal amount of water to produce a very dry sand/cement mix, which is then packed by hand into moulds using wooden packing forms, or in the case of some of our garden urns, quite literally shaping the inner bowls by hand.  The process can be likened to packing a beach bucket to make a sandcastle, although our products are much more hardwearing!

As you would expect, the finished products have an authentic, “sandy” finish, which according to your taste can be sealed with a normal sandstone sealent to keep them looking good as new (applications do need to be repeated as per manufacturers instructions!), or if left will weather naturally which many prefer for the antique effect – some people even choose to treat the surface using yogurt or beer to speed up the weathering process,
although we’re a bit too proud of the finished product as is to have attempted this one ourselves!


Natural (grey), and cream planters

By using different coloured sands and cements, a variety of different colour finishes can be achieved.  As we prefer to source our materials locally wherever possible, we are currently able to produce two colours as standard, Natural and Cream.

When it comes to pots and planters, the porous nature of the cast stone means that it can withstand freezing temperatures during the winter, protecting plant roots from frost, and also help to keep roots moist throughout the summer months.  As well as planters, we are able to produce bird baths, balustrades, ball-finials, pillar caps, and a variety of copings.



Unfortunately we are currently unable to take orders online, but if you would like more information or to purchase any of our products for sale, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – details below, or via our contact page!